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Digital Advertising Agency. We help small, medium and large businesses to increase their ROI by setting up from scratch or optimizing current advertising in Google AdsDigital Advertising Agency. We help small, medium and large businesses to increase their ROI by setting up from scratch or optimizing current advertising in Google Ads

Clients Reviews

Founder artassault.at Patrick Echerer

Here my feedback:

The bad feedback first:

The cooperation was by and large positive. I did not have an appointment to meet, but the specified time of 10 days was exceeded by a wide margin. The work was inaccurate in some places and required corrections.

The positive feedback:

All charges were met and all problems were eliminated. I always had the feeling that a quick contact and a quick problem solution was in the foreground. I always felt understood and the communication, despite language barrier worked well. I have found a good contact person, whom I would use again and again for further business.

Best Wishes

Founder Bluemagics.nl Tarek Hannoudi

Bluemagics is a start-up based in the Netherlands. Our focus is on the implementation of CRM solutions for our clients. We needed a new website for our company.We are very happy that we had the opportunity to work together with Line UP (former SPECTR Media) to develop our website in WordPress.

Every step was excellent and done in a very professional way. The communication was great, despite the long physical distance. Kostya was always there to help and response very quickly.

He even went the extra mile to create videos to explain some functionalities in more detail.

We are very proud on the result. Even if it’s not a simple design and there are a few complex elements on the website. Everything works perfectly, on desktop and mobile.

I would really recommend Line UP (formerly SPECTR Media). Their WordPress development skills are excellent. They are great people to work with. If we will need a new website in the future, I would not hesitate to contact them.


Tarek Hannoudi

Email: tarek@bluemagics.nl

Marketing manager abena.ru Maria Borodina

The Abena Group manufactures and sells high quality incontinence products for the health care sector as well as disposable products.
Abena was founded in 1953 in Aabenraa in Southern Denmark. The Abena Group, which is represented by subsidiaries in a long list of countries, supplies more than 25,000 products and operates in more than 60 countries across the globe.

I had been working there as a Marketing manager.

Line UP company developed for as a new site (graphics, SEO etc) and set up context advertising (Google and Yandex).

Thanks for really good work and service!

It’s a great company to work with!

Good luck and have a great clients)

E-mail: Amixeen@gmail.com

Founder, CEO avspec.ru Alexey Kosenko

I thank the company Line UP (formerly SPECTR Media) for transferring the avspec.ru website to Bitrix CMS and updating the design to a more convenient and modern one.
The site was made a little later than the agreed deadlines, but the result was pleasantly surprised!

In the process, the specialists set up contextual advertising for us in Google Adwords and Yandex.Direct, which gave excellent results. There were more leads, but the costs remained at the same level.
I recommend the Line UP team (formerly SPECTR.Media)as professionals in their field.

Co - founder online-kassa.ru Danila Shmelev

We have been working with Konstantin's team for several years on the online-kassa.ru project. The project is complex, there are many problems, we often argue, but we always find a solution.

Colleagues approach the project responsibly, they don’t break deadlines (for tasks that directly depend on them). Controversial things are solved through a / b tests - a great approach!

We are extremely grateful to the guys for their work and will continue it further.

Co - founder r-polymer.ru Viktor Podkuyko

We work with Line UP on contextual advertising, targeted and SEO. We are very pleased with the cooperation. Colleagues are constantly making changes, doing an analysis of the activities of my managers, introducing new products.

The result - our sales are growing, and production expanded 2 times in 2 years - from 10,000 to 20,000 square meters per month.

I recommend them as experts in their field.

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How we work

You send us the layouts of your site in Figma or Photoshop.
We make an assessment of the work in hours and provide you with an estimate.
If the conditions suit you, we sign a contract with you.

Коллаж - контракт и смета

You make a prepayment, we begin to work

We create a Trello board where you can see the tasks we are working on. The board is divided into several
columns so that you can clearly understand the status of each task:

  • To do

  • In working

  • Testing

  • Re-open

  • Done


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