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We will make a full SEO optimization

We don't do SEO for the sake of a tick. Our goal is to work with the client for life. And for this we must ensure a sustainable positive result that will bring the client a permanent income.

What results should be expected after full SEO site optimization?

Traffic from search engines will begin to grow immediately after the completion of SEO optimization and will grow from month to month. A very important point! We cannot say for sure how much traffic you will have per month. We can guarantee that you will have a monthly increase in traffic. Different topics will have different traffic volumes. Check out our clients' examples below.

Example # 1. Online shop of electric motors

Customer review

Как мы работаем?

Example # 2. Online jewelry store. England.

Как мы работаем?

Example # 3. Clinic of aesthetic medicine. Service cards are made using the product catalog. The competition is fierce! The site is new.

Customer Testimonial

Как мы работаем?

Example # 4. Online store selling bags, suitcases and accessories. Finished SEO optimization at the beginning of April 2021

Как мы работаем?

One-time cost for SEO site optimization: 9,000 USD.

Term: 6 - 8 weeks.

What happens next with your site?

After SEO optimization, traffic to the site will grow even without the participation of anyone. You only need to keep prices and assortment up-to-date, respond to customer requests on time.

To make traffic and sales grow even faster, you can additionally create new landing pages based on the analysis of search queries and conduct marketing campaigns. You can do it yourself, or you can hire us for a nominal monthly fee to carry out these actions. We are working on SEO promotion under a technical support agreement. Here are the options.

Tariffs for support and SEO promotion


On one's own


Website subscriber support

Number of hours per design, programming, employee training, site content


Hourly cost

25 USD

Response time to request (h)


Maximum number of sites


Hourly cost over limit

30 USD

Tariff cost

500 USD


SEO promotion

Personal manager

Website(s) health monitoring

Prompt elimination of errors and technical failures

Backup setup

2 times
a month

Diagnosing the presence of viruses

Virus removal

Control of domain delegation term and hosting payment

Communication with hosting support

Consultations on working with CMS

Analytics (recommendations for improving the site)

Information support of the site (filling)

Adding and editing sections

Correction of text information

Adding news, promotions

Posting video content

Programming and design

Changing Graphic Design Elements

Development and placement of banners

Layout of pages and individual blocks

*Unused hours do not roll over to the next month

Other services based
1С - Bitrix

Our certificates

  • Bitrix24 business partner
    Line UP is a partner of Bitrix24 in Russia and Ukraine. We are engaged in setting up business processes, technical support, purchase and renewal of licenses.
  • Composite site
    We make fast websites using the patented Composite technology from 1C Bitrix. Websites load in 0.6 seconds.
  • Certified partner 1C Bitrix
    We are certified partners of 1C Bitrix. Our specialization: the development of online stores.
  • Implementation program participant
    After we have made your site, we go through internal tests to make sure that the site is made with high quality according to Bitrix standards. After that, the test results are sent to 1C Bitrix. Then, within 5 days, a Bitrix employee recruits you and conducts a survey.


Internet shop of the LLC Innovation company

1С Bitrix
Site type:
Online store
Integrations made with:
1C Trade management Acquiring SBER Online cash desk ATOL
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Take A Bag - online store of suitcases, backpacks and bags

1С Bitrix
Site type:
Online store
Template used
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Redesign of the online store of electric motors

1С Bitrix
Site type:
Online store
Aspro template NEXT
Integrations made with:
Telephony and Bitrix24
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Baby Boom - online store for children's goods

1С Bitrix
Site type:
Online store
Aspro template Maximum
Integrations made with:
1C Trade Management
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